Hey people! This is my first post…. so let me tell you more about myself… I am a 21 year old guy from Cochin, Kerala State, India. I just graduated as a mechanical engineer from TKM College of Engineering Kollam. That’s about my earthly business hehe.

My college

I was saved when I was in the second year of engineering at Kollam. That was the most significant event in my college life and for that matter in my whole life. When I set foot in the college for the first time, well it didn’t really match my expectations and I wondered whether I made a mistake by choosing TKM. But the Lord had plans for me long before I could even realize that my life was changing. How many times had I asked God before I was saved, “why here God, why am I here”… and now I realize that I was right where God wanted me to be. I made the best of friends, I had the best of times, I enjoyed my new life in Jesus, I had experiences both good and painful that have prepared me to face the world after I left college. When I was in college I had my believers circle, my believer friends who were always with me, watching over me and gently helping me when I stumbled – my safety net, my comfort zone. That’s what I miss the most now… but then I realize what God is teaching me here… to be reliant only on Him, not to have any other priorities, other ‘gods’ that I built up.
Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.
Psalm 62:5 (NIV)
My friends who have joined their jobs in various parts of India also echo this thought. Or God is a jealous God and He wants top place in our hearts and our minds. Friends, family, worldly things, places – anything that we value more than our relationship with Him should give way to Him… our Lord knows what’s best for us and He loves us so much more than we can fathom. His will may seem painful and tiring but we should trust Him for this will save us from much heartache later on. We can’t see the future but our awesome God can and He doesn’t want us to hurt in the future. Because when we hurt, He hurts too… We have a God who knows our pain, who understands our pain and who weeps with us in our mourning. Look at the shortest verse in the New Testament found in John 11:35:
Jesus wept.
Two words, but what meaning they hold! Our God wept, for us, out of compassion, and pain that he felt and shared with us. So why not trust the Lord when we encounter suffering as we follow His commands…for we know that God wants us the best that He has in store for us. Jesus never said following Him would be easy, instead He promised us suffering for our faith in Him. We do not belong to this world…hence we will never find solace here, we have to fix our gaze on the things above us, towards the Heavens. If we lose sight of our goal its easy to drift away from the narrow path and into the wide roads of destruction. How can we find joy in suffering… the answer lies in God. We look towards a future inheritance, not in this world but in heaven. That’s my hope, I look towards the day that I am with my Lord Jesus, walking right next to Him… and to be with Him evermore…

Share your thoughts! Take care…

  1. good to have people share there jounery of discovering….nice post. Keep it coming 🙂

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  3. I had to delete one comment that was very abusive, but that person(anonymous) asked me to rot in hell. Well friend I believe I have been saved from hell, because Jesus became the sacrifice on the cross for my sins. I pray that you too are saved as soon as possible!

  4. Praise the Lord Anand, good to hear these. May God bless you and use you mightly.

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